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THE Spark your light


It’s time to remember your truest nature… The one that reflects your essence… your soul… your sense of spirit.

Practicing soulful, guided, imagery-rich meditation assists in the remembering of your true essence, soul, and nature of love. It allows you to connect deeply with your truest self. 


It’s no secret that a regular meditation practice benefits your mind, body + soul… and your soul is longing for that because you’re here today, seeking a meditation experience. But something is causing some resistance to developing a daily meditation routine... 

Sound familiar, my love?


  • You really really want to meditate, but struggle to make time for yourself… and the times you do, you’re too anxious to enjoy it.

  • Every meditation you’ve tried just hasn’t quite clicked, and you struggle to find a teacher whom you genuinely connect with. 

  • Whenever you do get into meditation, you struggle to keep it up and develop it as a routine and know you need accountability.

Whether you’re here to begin your meditation journey, or to take your sacred practice to the next level, this challenge is here to support you, my love!

Get back to your truest nature. Develop a daily soulful meditation habit. Drop deeper into harmony + self-connection.

So let’s just say it… 

why join this meditation challenge over doing it alone? 

  • Accountability: How many times have you said you’re going to develop a  regular meditation practice? How many apps have you downloaded? It’s okay if your track record is low… accountability is essential in learning a new habit! That’s why this challenge exists. 

  • Trusted Practitioner:  I’ve taken those who swore they couldn’t meditate and turned them into meditators. I’m passionate about showing you there’s no one right way or form of meditation, and will give you the tools you need to develop your own practice. 

  • Trusted Meditation Techniques: My clients trust me to creatively develop meditations that will serve them throughout the various phases of their spiritual journeys. One of my fave experiences of meditation development was when  Josh Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet invited me to co-write a meditation with him. Channelling that meditation on the beaches of Hawaii is one of my favorite memories in my business. This creative intention is brought to every meditation I create. 

  • Practice + Play:  You’ll receive a wide array of meditations from various styles and traditions to explore. This helps you find ones that resonate with you personally so you can practice with excitement and enjoyment! 

When you join the spark your light meditation challenge you receive

  • 22 days of guided meditations 

  • Daily reflective journal prompts 

  • Pre-challenge prep work bundle, including breathwork tools, 24 journal prompts questions, and instructions for joining the WhatsApp community of fellow challenge takers.

  • One LIVE full moon meditation with Michy 

purchase now for just $24


“I have never journaled or meditated before and I was willing to begin a new journey just for myself. When I saw Michy’s Instagram I knew she was the place to begin. I have discovered more about myself in the past few days than  I have in a long time. This space is new for me and feels very raw and emotional. I’m ready to show up for me.”


“I tried the egg mediation this afternoon. Soooo good! I am tearing up as I am self reflecting on my experience. I felt sooooo safe, sooooo secure, so protected to be in the presence of my own energy. I don't think I've ever set out the intention to connect with my own energy in this way. It was so beautiful - being sensitive I usually feel the energy from others. It was so nice to get familiar and feel myself. Thank you so much!”


"Michelle has a wonderfully soothing voice for guided meditations. I looked forward to checking in to the daily meditation sessions. It was fun to do it at my leisure. I certainly missed it was over"


“So it’s been a bit since the meditation challenge. I’m still journaling on the regular and I feel like it’s been a window into my soul… so much dark has come to light. I just wanted to say thank you for offering this meditation challenge and guiding me in the direction of self-discovery. I feel heavier and lighter at the same time. You are a light and I’m very thankful we have crossed virtual paths.”


“I’ve never been able to meditate but this was so perfect and easy and comforting to follow” 


I knew I needed to meditate again. I knew that I was tired and needed spiritual relief. I got an easy and loving practice that I have kept ever since. Easy words to remember every day. And relief. Of course, I would recommend it. I already did :)

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Meet your meditation instructor

I’m Michy Pepper, Spiritual Psychology Mentor +  Meditation Developer 


As someone who’s meditated daily for over a decade and has brought this work to hundreds of clients around the world, it’s safe to say I’m genuinely beaming with the transformative powers of meditation. 


Balancing playfulness + wisdom is my ethos. When you take part in any of my programs, you can expect to honor both your inner child’s desire for play as well as your highest self’s call for wisdom. 


I can’t wait to meditate with you! 

The quieter you become,
the more you are able to hear
– Rumi

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I have to dedicate to this a day? 

The truth of the matter is this: you don’t need to meditate for 30-60 minutes a day to have an intense shift and experience. Some of the greatest meditative breakthroughs happen in just 5 or 10-minute sessions. It’s not about the time you have, it’s about the energy and intention you bring. 


How much does this challenge cost? 

The challenge’s investment is $24. The value of resources and tools you’ll receive far surpasses your investment! 


Do I receive 1:1 support? 

This is a self-paced challenge, with support held for your questions and reflections in our Facebook community. If you’re craving 1:1 support, check out Michy’s 1:1 mentorship options, Heal Little Me and Shift


Will I have access to the meditations after the course? 

This course has been intentionally designed to fuel you to keep up with your daily meditation practice. This means that you will need to enjoy each meditation video as it’s released and do your best to follow your intention of showing up daily.  You will have up to two weeks after the challenge has been completed for you to wrap things up, just in case you fall behind a day or two. You purposely are not given lifetime access as the intention is for this challenge to Spark Your Light and propel you to keep going. This timing and accountability piece is huge! 


Do I have to have meditated before? 

Not at all, love! This challenge is for all levels of meditators. All I ask is that you are open and curious! 


How will I receive the meditations? 

You’ll receive daily guided meditations through an easy-to-access online portal. When you purchase the meditation challenge, you'll receive an email from Michy with easy instructions for accessing the portal + how to bookmark it on your computer and phone to have with you throughout the challenge! 

When does the challenge start? 

January 11th, 2024 but you will get access to prep work January 1, 2024. 


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Thanks for submitting!

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