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VIP 1:1 Mentorship a 6 Month Transformation

This is your sixth-month container to heal stories of low-self worth, align with your soul-callings, and take spirit-led action so that you can live a life of freedom and fulfillment.


VIP  1:1 mentoring for spiritual women looking to embody their

 unique gifts, bring soul-desires into this physical world reality & tap into their intuition. 


Do you have dreams to live a life where you feel you are making a positive impact on the world, living in alignment with your S.O.U.L, and attracting people, opportunities, and experiences on a day-to-day basis that light your soul on fire?

Well, queen, you are in the right place. 

Here is what I believe to be true:

  • The more we experience joy, the more magnetic we become to our deep-soul callings.

  • Our limitations and blocks live in our subconscious. It is through healing these roots, we become Master Manifestors.

  • A significant purpose in our life is to transform energy, which is readily available to all of us. For example, we all are able to transform the energy story of lack to the energy story of abundance. For this transformation to occur, we must heal, align, and take action.

  • Spirit meets us at the points of action. At first, action brings up tons of fear, discomfort, and self-doubt. Once we move through, this opportunity's line up, and magic starts to pour in. 

  • We are energy beings living in a physical world. Because we are energy beings, we can create and call in any life we desire.

  • There are energies that we cannot see that are working for us and with us. Through belief, intention-setting, and asking these energies for assistance, we majorly upgrade our life.

  • Mega shifts are happening on this planet right now, and if you are reading this, your soul signed up to be part of it. You are here to upgrade the energy of this planet.

Live life by the s . o . u . l .

Sacred = rituals  & routines that give meaning to life

Orgasmic = a day to day that feels damn good

Unlimited = a creator of this life with endless possibilities

Leader = paving the way with your luminous light

say it with me . . .

"I am free, my life is my life, my schedule is of the soul boundless is who i am. 

Working with Michelle provides you with the woo-woo spiritual healing, the grounded strategic tools, and the accountability to quantum leap into the life of your deepest desires.

  • Forget about the hustle and bustle, the weighted day-to-day, the overworked and over-stressed life. That’s of the old-earth paradigm. We are now moving into the 5th dimension baby. 

  • Michelle calls you out on the illusions you have been buying into and assists you in creating new belief systems so that you can live into your life of abun-DANCE.

  • Michelle helps you to cleanse your lens of perception so that you can create with SOUL clarity.   

  • Through this mentorship program, you will shift from the old ways of thinking, “who am I to live this life?” Into the remembrance and knowing of your illuminated inner-light.

  • Over the next six months, you will learn how to call yourself out on your bull-shit, trust in the voice of your intuition, and take action on these deep inner-knowing's.



Real Talk:
There are major SHIFTS happening on this planet right now & your soul signed up to be part of it.  No more messing around sis, you came here on a mission. 

S h i f t 

VIP 1:1 Mentoring

Shift is Michelle’s VIP 1:1 mentoring for the spiritual woman looking to dive deep into healing & self-transformation.


During this 6 months journey, you will discover & tap into your soul-aligned gifts. You will come to understand your personal blocks, patterning & how to dissolve or repurpose this energy. You will see the power of the Gestalt Approach & give voice to disowned aspects of yourself in assistance to wholeness. You will learn to connect with both younger and older versions of yourself & allow these versions to guide and transform you.

This grounded yet mystical approach will provide you with practical tools from Spiritual Psychology, eastern philosophy, & kundalini yoga.


Ultimately, you will stop seeking outwardly for answers & know the power of going deep within.

Who is this for? 

  • You know you are meant for more in this life. You desire to be of service, live into your purpose while also having a freedom-based life.

  • Outdated beliefs systems are holding you back right now.

  • You know you should be taking action, but you are constantly met with resistance.

  • You believe in signs, a higher power, manifestations, and even…. Magic yet, you’re unclear of how to work with these energies.

  • You know in your  S.O.U.L you are meant for big things in this life.

  • You feel stuck and need guidance. You’re aware there is a wise woman in you, but you struggle at times to access her.

Who is this NOT for? 

  • You don’t actually believe you are able to transform.

  • You are completely content where you are at and have limited visions.

  • You do not believe in a higher power or in energies that are looking out for you.

  • You are unmotivated and not willing to put in the soul-work.

  • You will not allow yourself to be vulnerable or push through your fears.


"Alignment is your birthright. I am here to remind you of that. I am here to hold you accountable & pull you out of any limiting thinking."

Pause. Breath. Tap into your intuition (yes, you're intuitive).  

Let's say that your most aligned version of self, entered the room right now... 


What is she wearing?

How does she move throughout her day?

What does her energy feel like?

Where does she find purpose?

What are her daily rituals? 

Alright, now let's get you there. 



Samantha Whitehead

"Working with Michelle has completely transformed my life. Through our sessions, I have healed wounds from childhood trauma, learned how to connect with my authentic self, and have obtained a new spiritual perspective on life. In addition, I have gained confidence in my abilities which have allowed me to pursue my passions freely. This work has enabled me to better my inner and outer self. I would 100% recommend others to work with Michelle, she is truly a light in this world!”

"Receiving soul-work from Michelle has been very helpful for me throughout our time together because it has held me accountable. Knowing that I will be going over the work with her the next session pushes me to do it, and I have benefited from this. The meditations and journal prompts have been very healing, and are now just normal additions to my daily routine."

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 2.36.32 PM.png

Meredith Pazol 

"Four of my friends started working with her after me!​"


"Working with Michelle is so unbelievably grounding and transformative. I felt as though the tools I have had for years (such as meditation and inner-child healing) were finally being integrated. The biggest shift for me from working with Michelle is the forgiveness and self-compassion that I developed. Michelle taught me how to be actively gentle with myself. Michelle was constantly a cheerleader, and I knew she never ever was bs'ing with how much she believed in me. She also always held me accountable, and every time we would meet again, she would remember everything I had mentioned in prior sessions. Thanks to Michelle, I now wholeheartedly believe in myself and my gifts. And I now have the tangible, actionable steps to share my gifts with the world. I absolutely would recommend her to others!"

1:1 VIP Mentoring with Michelle 

  • Build a strong meditation & mindfulness routine to align yourself daily with your highest self and live a freedom-based life. 

  • Clear toxic space by learning to apply Loving to childhood memories so that you can heal the roots of your pain rather than treat a symptom. 

  • Understand shadow aspects of yourself so that you can rewire toxic generational patterns.

  • Purge what no longer serves &  let go of misbeliefs you have been carrying onto for far too long so that you can open up space in your energy field and attract soul desires. 

  • Learn to give voice to your inner-light, your wise women, your authentic- self to inspire soul-aligned creations.

  • Work with the energies of the moon to release toxicity so that you can manifest with ease. 

  • Receive clarity on the medicine you have to bring to this world.

  • Create ideal scenes that map out your soul-aligned future.

  • Commit to physical world reality action steps in alignment with your highest self.

Deep dive session

This session sets the tone for our next six months. We explore with depth what needs healings, where you're blocked presently and the direction we are heading in. 

Value = $333

1 : 1 mentoring

Every other week we speak over the phone or Zoom, go over goals, intentions & where healings are needed. These sessions are highly personalized and meet you where you are at. 

Value = $2,222

email access

Outside of your sessions, you will also be supported via email. In this space, you can ask Michelle anything, anytime! 

Value = $1,000

theta healing meditations

These channeled meditations allow for subconscious healing that gets to the roots. Plus, personalized meditation will be created on request. 

Value = $300

embodiment method

This is Michelle's signature practice that assists you in connecting deeply to your authentic light so that you can live into the life of your desires.


Value = $111 


Each week Michelle will give you personalized soul-work so that you feel supported outside of our sessions.  

Value = $300

access to illuminate your being
group mentorship! 

value = $2,800

This is Michelle's 16-week mindfulness healing + spiritual group mentoring program for soul-driven women looking to move forward from past hurt, heal generational trauma, and step into their worth so they can live their most free, fulfilling soul-aligned life. This high-level healing container includes spiritual and psychological practices + soul-level mentoring,

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 3.01.04 PM.png


Working with Michelle has helped me become the best version of myself. Michelle's approach has helped me heal childhood traumas, break free from limiting beliefs, come to conclusions on what is true for me, and implement healthy boundaries for myself. I truly feel that my life has changed from working with Michelle and I have a whole new perspective on life. Michelle provides a safe space to heal and I am so grateful for her!


Michelle has created personalized meditations for specific topics that I am working on and they have been key to my journey.


Cass Levin

My experience working with Michelle was amazing and exactly what I needed. I immediately made a connection and felt comfortable talking with her and opening up. She helped me discover an awareness I never knew I had and taught me a lot about myself. She showed me how to look inward and really got me through some hard weeks. Michelle’s healing tools brought me to newfound awareness.  She is truly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about how to become more in tune with themselves and navigate life’s challenges. Whatever it is you’re searching for, she can guide you to find it. 



IMG_2915 2.JPG

Hello Light Being,

Breathe, help is here.


For those of you who don’t know me, I am Michelle Pepper. I am the youngest of three girls, and I learned to be a neutral observer at a very young age. I grew up very quickly, faced with family traumas of divorce, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, and my own personal learning disabilities. My whole life, people, naturally confined in me their deepest held secrets and pain. As an empath, this felt like both a blessing & a curse. Despite the heaviness, I have always had this curiosity & optimism for life. I always had this deep inner-knowing that my path had a purpose & that I came to earth on a mission. 

It was during my early 20s that I felt light dim within. I lost confidence in myself, my purpose, the world, and those around me. I felt disconnected. This was when I began soul-searching. I read as many spiritual books as I could get my hands on, I regularly worked with a Spiritual Psychology Mentor. Eventually, I deepened my education by studying Advanced Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.


Through my own deep healing, it became apparent to me, “I am free, my life is MY life, my schedule gets to be of the soul, boundless is who I am” I quit my 9-5 job in marketing went backpacking throughout Bali, New Zealand, Australia, & India,  spoke openly about my healing journey & organically, I started picking up clients.


Today, I help my clients heal old wounds, rewire limited thinking, & manifest their soul-aligned life. My purpose is to guide my clients to an empowered place where they can see their own unique gifts & trust their inner-guidance


It is no coincidence you landed on my page today love, whatever your reason, I am grateful you are here. It would be an honor to assist you in your spiritual growth & development. Please send me a message on Instagram to say hi or email me at 


Flooding you with light,


devon .jpeg

Devon Winter

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle. Her warmth and understanding made me feel very comfortable throughout my journey with her. Her guidance and approach have helped me heal and connect with my authentic self. I feel lighter, more confident, and happier from my experience.

I enjoyed the "soul-work" in all aspects from the journal prompts and meditation. Michelle’s approach is well thought out and I feel that every time I achieved something positive for myself with each meditation.


Megan Aro

I don’t have the words for how much Michelle improved my life. She is a beam of light on this earth and I’ve learned so much from her.



Michelle was ready to meet me where I was and gently guided me into more positive life patterns. She’s always kind and understanding- and she helps you make sense of the world around you.


I know firsthand that Michelle walks the walk and puts in the continued work and education to best serve her clients. I’m so grateful to continue learning from her.

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