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w/ spiritual psychology mentor Michy Pepper

I heard your call & it seems

something doesn’t feel right

old patterning keeps showing up 

anger, sadness & anxiety swoop in pretty frequently now

you long to let go of past hurts but question if it is truly possible

old narratives feel weighted & you sense they’re holding you back

deep-seated pain sits within you but you rarely give attention to it

you feel deeply (whether or not you allow people to see this) & have a hard time coping with it all.

you would like to have healthy interpersonal relationships but currently struggle with setting boundaries and communicating your needs.

you’re there for everyone else but not so much for yourself

something needs to change, love. that’s why I’m here :)

Heal Little me is a 3-month soul-centered approach that offers both spiritual & psychological perspectives to assist you in healing past hurts & rewriting your narrative.

meet your next transformation 


  • learn how to authentically heal childhood memories

  • come to understand how your childhood memories impacts your present-day life (toxic patterns, anxiety, emotional swings... etc.)

  • learn how to connect with “Little Me”…. even if you have no memories of childhood

  • identify what “Little Me” is asking for and needing and learn how to give this to her now

  • come into acceptance around old narratives that leave you sad, upset or feeling small

  • find peace of mind through compassion & forgiveness

  • come to understand how to dissolve toxic attachments

  • learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness and get yourself into a grounded-routine

What's included?

  • 1:1 weekly support for three months

  • 10 + visual guided meditation to heal emotional trauma & childhood memories

  • personalized reparenting remedies

  •  tools for identifying misbeliefs

  • the gestalt approach to look at disowned aspects of self 

  • one 90 min deep-dive call 

  • twelve 50 min virtual sessions

I’m not your everyday coach or counselor.

My approach is both grounded & spiritual. I use both science-based techniques such as Gestalt & NLP and soul-centered techniques such as attuning to the heart-space, calling forward your inner-guide & inviting in love and compassion. I remind you often that you are a spiritual being having a human experience & that life happen for you (for your growth) rather than to you.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 9.48.09 AM.png

Fabienne dietler

The structure of Michelle’s coaching sessions is exactly what I have been searching for, for a long time.


"The spiritual aspect is something I always felt was missing in other coaching & therapy sessions. I live in Switzerland and I would have never thought that I could build such a strong & trustful relationship over the phone with my life coach in California. I realize now that it is all about energy.


Michelle is a very compassionate, loving, authentic and well-organized human being. She helped me so much with my self-confident “not enough” issues. The inner child issues we were dealing with were a key factor in my transformation. Also, being able to share authentically without fear of shame, judgment helped me so much. SHE IS PURE LOVE!” 

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 2.36.32 PM.png

meredith pazol

4 of my friends started working with her after me!

"Working with Michelle is so unbelievably grounding and transformative. I felt as though the tools I have had for years (such as meditation and inner-child healing) were finally being integrated. The biggest shift for me from working with Michelle is the forgiveness and self-compassion that I developed. Michelle taught me how to be actively gentle with myself. Michelle was constantly a cheerleader and I knew she never ever was bs'ing with how much she believed in me. She also always held me accountable and every time we would meet again, she would remember everything I had mentioned in prior sessions. Thanks to Michelle, I now whole-heartedly believe in myself and my gifts. And I now have the tangible actionable steps to share my gifts with the world. I absolutely would recommend her to others!


samantha whitehead

Working with Michelle has completely transformed my life. 


Through our sessions, I have healed wounds from childhood trauma, learned how to connect with my authentic self, and have obtained a new spiritual perspective on life. In addition, I have gained confidence in my abilities which have allowed me to pursue my passions freely. This has enabled me to better my inner and outer world. I would 100% recommend others to work with Michelle, she is truly a light in this world!


Receiving homework from Michelle has been very helpful for me throughout our time together because it has held me accountable. Knowing that I will be going over the work with her the next session pushes me to do it, and I have benefited from this. The meditations and journal prompts have been very healing, and are now just normal additions to my daily routine.”

Is this program right for me? 

you're craving deep support & authentic healing


​you long for peace of mind, a meditation routine & mindfulness rituals 

therapy was alright but you're looking for something different, more spiritual & action-oriented 


​you're DONE with old patterns & limiting stories. you neeeeed to know your life without these


​your childhood was rocky & you know that "Little Me" desires healing & support 

there's a voice in your head that's keeping you small... "Little Me" ego voice


​you find yourself in that same funk over & over & over again. you're ready to face this damn thing head on

you're open to the world of woo but a leeettle bit of a skeptic 

your heart twinkles thinking of having your own modern-day spiritual guide 

Frequenly asked questions

What is spiritual psychology?

Spiritual Psychology is an emerging therapy that combines spiritual teachings with science-based techniques such as Gestalt & NLP. This soul-centered approach includes inner-child work, reparenting techniques, shadow identification, and voice dialogue. Drs Ron & Mary Hulnick, directors at the University of Santa Monica developed this approach while answering one vital question: “How can I live a loving, fulfilling, and productive life in this world while being true to my spiritual quest?”


Essentially, this approach brings heart & soul back into traditional talk therapy. It invites the perspective that we are spiritual beings having a human experience & that life is happening FOR us rather than to us. This approach to healing is practical, actionable & compassionate. It empowers us encouraging connection with our inner-counselor. It brings us back to our essential nature - love & teaches us forgiveness, gratitude

Do you offer a payment plan? 

Yes, I offer a 3-month payment plan with a 5% payment plan fee. 

What if I've never meditated? 

This program welcomes all levels of meditators! All that I ask is that you remain open & curious. You will be given meditation assignments weekly so if you don't meditate already then this is a great place to start :)

If you have more questions feel free to email me at



please look elsewhere if... ​

  • you want to stay in your comfort zone

  • you only want to touch the surface

  • you’re not willing to take the reins of your life 

  • you’re not open or curious about the world of spirituality





Hi, I'm Michelle aka Michy

I've been practicing meditation for the last 10 years and have built my business honoring my inner-wisdom + younger-self.


The name Mindful Michy didn't come from just anywhere it came from years of going inside, healing old wounds and quieting that anxious mind. Michy is my childhood nickname and mindfulness is, well, my savior.

I had a rocky childhood, that I am very grateful for. I was diagnosed with a learning disability, my mom was diagnosed bipolar, my parents got divorced, nannies were in and out, and I was throwing tantrums in some corner of the house. Let's just say home was rarely, well, peaceful but it was the unsettling high, highs & low, lows that taught me most.

Today, I am a spiritual psychology mentor, inner-child healer, and meditation developer. I use my beautiful brain and god-given gifts to help womxn around the world heal & step into their truest form. Through childhood healing, I learned my brain is vibrant and beautiful (rather than disabled). I see, feel and sense things that other people don't!


More on my cred: I studied Advanced Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. I made my way throughout India and got certified in Kundalini Yoga and more recently I became certified in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy through UPEACE Centre of Executive Education. Today, I bring all these experiences and learnings together to build out programming that is both grounded and mystical.


I am so excited to talk to you! Feel free to dm me on Instagram @mindfulmichy



Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 3.20.48 PM.png


I found that working with Michelle opened me up to a new set of possibilities within myself. The transformation that occurred was mental and spiritual, which helped me learn that I am able to do anything that I can dream. I would for sure recommend Michelle to anyone looking to work on self-growth.

The soul-work was inspirational. The meditations and journal prompts were directed at the aspects of myself that I was working on, so everything was always relevant. I found these to be extremely helpful in guiding me through my process.

devon .jpeg


I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle. Her warmth and understanding made me feel very comfortable throughout my journey with her. Her guidance and approach have helped me heal and connect with my authentic self. I feel lighter, more confident, and happier from my experience.

I enjoyed the "soul-work" in all aspects from the journal prompts and meditation. Michelle’s approach is well thought out and I feel that every time I achieved something positive for myself with each meditation.



My experience working with Michelle was amazing and exactly what I needed. I immediately made a connection and felt comfortable talking with her and opening up. She helped me discover an awareness I never knew I had and taught me a lot about myself. She showed me how to look inward and really got me through some hard weeks. Michelle’s healing tools brought me to newfound awareness.  She is truly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about how to become more in tune with themselves and navigate life’s challenges. Whatever it is you’re searching for, she can guide you to find it. 



 @mindfulmichy  |

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