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Radiance Era Challenge

Here's a glimpse of what is to come: 

  1. Daily Inspirational Guidance: Receive daily insights, energy updates, journal prompts and exercises crafted to activate your internal radiance.  

  2. Transformational Tools: Access exclusive resources, including guided meditations, practical radiance embodiment practices, and mindfulness-based psychological teachings, designed to get you moving out of a stuck place.   

  3. Community Connection: Join our group of like-minded souls who are also on their self-discovery journey in our private WhatsApp group. This is our space to share our experiences and celebration each other’s growth.

  4. Online Oasis: You will gain access to my private online Radiance Era portal for 30 days, each day revealing a new tool, theme or lessons to help you align in just 15 minutes or less.

  5. Live Sisterhood Support Session: As a bonus I will be hosting one live zoom call for us to meet in ceremony and receive live coaching.

  6. Variety of Healing Experts: Benefit from the wisdom of a dynamic team of healing experts, from astrology to human design to nutrition and beyond, each offering their unique gifts to support your journey. I can guarantee you will find at least one practice in the next 30 days that will speak to your unique soul’s blueprint.

  7. Radiance Guide: That’s me :) I’ve taken those who swore they couldn’t meditate and turned them into meditators. I’ve taken those who had no idea they had a higher self into spiritual guides. I’m passionate about showing you there’s no one right way or form to attune to your truth and will guide you to develop your own practice. 


Begins: June 6th, 2024

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