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{free} New Moon

Sisterhood Circle

April 12th, Monday @ 6-7 pm PST

Thanks for signing up!

spiritually-open women looking for...

clarity on their soul-aligned path

connection to their most illuminated version of self 

an honest self check-in 

a sacred space to manifest heart's desires

like-minded spiritual sisters to hold their visions

Who is this for?

illuminated future self guided meditation 

a soulful life balance check-in

future self writing

4 step mini process on how to manifest  

BONUS: watch live until the end & receive an epic bonus (you're not gonna want to miss)

What's included?

hi I'm michelle aka michy,

I'm your modern-day spiritual mentor.

I help womxn around the world heal & step into soul-alignment. 


I studied Advanced Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. I made my way throughout India and got certified in Kundalini Yoga and more recently I became certified in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy through UPEACE Centre of Executive Education. Today, I bring all these experiences and learnings together to build out programming that is both grounded and mystical.

Message me on Instagram @mindfulmichy I'd love to talk to you. 



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