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Full Moon

Full Moon Ceremony


monday mar. 29TH

7-8 pst/ 10-11 est

PRICE: $22

What's included?

  • breathwork

  • intuitive guided meditation 

  • spiritual psychology tools

  • practices on authentic self-love

It is said that the full moon is like a magnet that pulls from us that which no longer serves.


Consider this: The gravitational pull of the full moon controls the tides, humans are 65-75% water so perhaps our bodies are affected by the full moon just as bodies of water.


This Monday 3.29.21 @7 pm pst, I will lead us in a virtual full moon ceremony. In this sacred container, we will set clear intentions around what it is we are letting go of. By letting go we create a clear channel to call in our hearts-desires. Pay attention to anything that knocks you off balance in the next couple of days. Reexamine this energy & ask yourself: is this for the highest good? Does this still serve me? 


Hope to see you there on Monday!

DM me would love to chat. 



Ps. If finances are difficult right now yet your heart feels called towards this ceremony, please email me at


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