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illuminate your being

a four-month group mentorship on healing and attuning to the light within so that you can radiate self-worth and live into the life of your deepest desires.    

guys's 11:11

(insert girlfriends rolling their eyes here)

they don't get it, but I do! 

hey, there spiritual sister,

 congratulations, you’re seeing the signs. some things are clicking other things, really are not. you feel different, kinda alone & if we're being really honest you feel a leeettle bit insane. no one really gets “it” or really gets you. 

pause, breathe & please know...

you are not crazy

you are not alone

you are just waking up

at first, it's not easy nor breezy. it's actually confusing A.F.

you're needing a soul-group 

a spiritual mentor

a place to put your mask down 

& just get real, real


****taa daaa****

your wish is my command & this is your next sign 


This course was created out of a sacred soul need.

after two years of darkness, reflection, loneliness & dismantling

we are now in the state of rebuilding both on global & personal levels; this course is the foundation you need to heal, connect & step into your soul-aligned path authentically.

a sacred space to bring 
you back into the joy of living 


Experience true freedom by releasing the weight of self-judgment


Grow & heal through awareness around triggers & emotional wounds


Know what it means to experience true peace within


Learn to be with your loving, see-through soul-centered eyes & hear through your heart


Transmute emotional blockages into energy that works for you & with you

(energy that is of the highest good)


Rewire painful patterns by being with their roots


Bring awareness to emotional reactivity & learn how to move into acceptance


Flood loving & compassion to the places inside that hurt  


Begin the awakening to your light within 

Experience support & love in a sacred container of like-minded spiritual-women.

When you're connected to your inner-light, life get's easier. It's simple, but it's true. 

  • You attract soul-aligned opportunities, heart expansive relationships and massive abundance.  

  • You end karmic cycles and  toxic patterns. You see past the illusions of misbeliefs and generational programming.

  • You become crystal clear on your next steps and follow through with deep trust.

  • You ease your anxiety, remember your purpose and feel true alignment.

What's included in illuminate your being?

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 3.39.32 PM.png

Twice monthly zoom calls with Michelle 

Value $1,500

You will receive group mentorship from Michelle and experience that magic of trios where we break into groups and support one another on a very deep soul level. Each session will carry a different theme based on which module we are in. These will be recorded but showing up live is highly, highly encouraged. 


Soulful spiritual community support

Value: Priceless

Let's be real, waking up spiritually can feel lonely AF! This mentorship program will leave you with life-long friends. Plus you will have accountability groups so you feel supported outside our sessions. 


Eight spiritual
guest speakers

Value $1000

Each guest speaker provides you with spiritual tools to assist in your healing & growth. Guest Speakers include topics on psychedelic breathwork, feminine archetypes, astrology, astrocartography, tarot, sound healing, and aura art. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 4.43.08 PM.png

WhatsApp group chat

Value Priceless

The WhatsApp group chat ads a fun personal touch so you can quickly check in and support one another outside of our sessions. Here is where we motivate, share our wins and ask for assistance. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 3.39.41 PM.png

Private online portal to access weekly soulwork and guided meditations. 

Value $600

This is your holy grail. Here you will find 8 modules to live into your life of the soul. You get step-by-step directions for how to heal and manifest. Here is where all your soul work and guided mediation are kept that you can reference throughout the course. 


Email support, your spiritual advisor at your finger tips.

Value $500

Feeling low and needing further guidance? Send Michelle an email at anytime and she will get back to your with her love and attention within 48 hours. 

eight modules to support you outside of our live zoom calls

Value = $600

Module 1

your inner-guide

Learn foundational principles of spiritual psychology, a process to gain deep trust in self & the universe. A guided meditation to help you connect with your inner-guide.

Module 2

identity & sense of self

Learn about positive projections and how we can use this to step into our worth. Learn to clear your energy with a subconscious sleep process. Plus soul identity journal prompts! 

Module 3

healing low self worth

Learn about what healing is and how to do it through the spiritual context. Learn how to heal low self-worth and judgment through compassion and forgiveness. 

Module 4

empathy education 

Gain clarity on where you need to set boundaries in your life. Here you will learn about the three different kinds of boundaries and how you can set these with loving intention. 

Module 5

authentic self love

Learn about the different ways abandonment, and rejection shows up. Learn how to flood areas of your subconscious with love. Plus receive a guided meditation to assist you in healing rejected aspects of self. 

Module 6

manifesting your dream life

This week you will learn how to create Ideals Scenes to call in your dream life. There will be a guided process to help you tap into your voice and authenticity. We we learn about mantra and moving meditation to open up the throat chakra.

Module 7

transmuting shame

Learn about shame, how it shows up and how this is different from guilt. You will learn the incredibly powerful practice of Release Writing. You will be provided a meditation to connect with your higher self to release and transmute shame. 

Module 8

freedom + fulfillment

Learn about fear the different ways fear shows up and two practices to release fear. You will learn a powerful kundalini asana to break through fear. Plus a guided meditation to burn the veil of fear.

Guest Speakers

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 4.44.50 AM.png



+ Self Love

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 4.47.59 AM.png



+ Birthcharts

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 7.08.07 PM.png


Channeling 101:

Tuning into your Magic

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 4.56.39 AM.png



+ Astrology

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 5.02.39 AM.png


The Divine Feminine Archtypes

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 4.50.36 AM.png


Sound Healing + Astrocartography

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 5.14.04 AM.png


Psychedelic Breathwrok


But here is the thing...

Illuminate Your Being is here to support you at the beginning of your spiritual healing journey. It is from this space that you form a solid foundation to grow. This is why it's available to you for less than half the value! 

This is for the purpose-driven spiritual women that will stop at nothing.

She is ready to radiate in her light. 


Four whole months of transformational support with one payment today of


You can also join today for
four monthly payments of 


We will meet you where you are at, join here for eight bi-weekly payments of


the inner ligth embodiment method.png

why does this group mentorship work? 

Michelle's three-part method creates consistent results for inner-light embodiment. Through this group mentorship, you will learn how to clear, align and take soul action so that you can live fully into your life of light. 

Part 1: Clearing. Here is where you learn how to heal the roots of your pain stories, access subconscious limiting beliefs, and set boundaries. This is especially helpful for those looking to heal childhood trauma or for 
for empaths that feel they carry everyone else's baggage. 

Part 2: Aligning. This is where you learn to align your energy with high vibrational light so that you can manifest with ease. It is through aligning our energy with light that we become a magnet for our deepest desires.

Part 3: Act. Here is where you learn to connect deeply with your intuition and take actions led by the soul. The universe meets us at the point of action, and you will learn how to step out of your comfort zone so that you can live in your most aligned path.  

Headshot tulum 2 (inner child+ energy healing) .jpg

Michelle Pepper's approach is both grounded & spiritual. She uses both science-based techniques such as Gestalt & NLP & soul-centered techniques such as attuning to the heart-space, calling forward your inner guide & inviting in love and compassion. She reminds you often that you are a spiritual being having a human experience & that life happens for you (for your growth) rather than to you. Her purpose is to empower you by providing you with tools to heal yourself. 


Working with Michelle has completely transformed my life.


Through our sessions, I have healed wounds from childhood trauma, learned how to connect with my authentic self, and have obtained a new spiritual perspective on life. In addition, I have gained confidence in my abilities which have allowed me to pursue my passions freely. This has enabled me to better my inner and outer world. I would 100% recommend others to work with Michelle, she is truly a light in this world!

-Samantha Whitehead

What people are saying

4 of my friends started working with her after me!


Working with Michelle is so unbelievably grounding and transformative. I felt as though the tools I have had for years (such as meditation and inner-child healing) were finally being integrated. The biggest shift for me from working with Michelle is the forgiveness and self-compassion that I developed. Michelle taught me how to be actively gentle with myself. 

— Meredith Pazol


Basically, this is Spiritual Summer Camp for the kid in you...

What people are saying

4 of my friends started working with her after me!


Working with Michelle is so unbelievably grounding and transformative. I felt as though the tools I have had for years (such as meditation and inner-child healing) were finally being integrated. The biggest shift for me from working with Michelle is the forgiveness and self-compassion that I developed. Michelle taught me how to be actively gentle with myself. 

— Meredith Pazol

What's my story?

Hi, I'm Michelle, aka Michy

I've been practicing meditation for the last 10 years and have built my business honoring my inner-wisdom + younger-self.


The name Mindful Michy didn't come from just anywhere. It came from years of going inside, healing old wounds, and quieting that anxious mind. Michy is my childhood nickname, and mindfulness is, well, my savior.

I had a rocky childhood that I am very grateful for. I was diagnosed with a learning disability, my mom was diagnosed bipolar, my parents got divorced, nannies were in and out, and I threw tantrums in some corner of the house. Let's just say the home was rarely, well, peaceful, but it was the unsettling high, highs & low, lows that taught me most.

Today, I am a spiritual psychology mentor and meditation facilitator. Through childhood healing, I learned that my brain is vibrant and beautiful (rather than disabled). I see, feel and sense things that other people don't! Now, I use my beautiful brain and god-given gifts to help womxn around the world heal & step into their truest form.


More on my cred: I studied Advanced Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. I made my way throughout India and got certified in Kundalini Yoga, and more recently, I became certified in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy through UPEACE Centre of Executive Education. Today, I bring all these experiences and learnings together to build out programming that is both grounded and mystical.


I am so excited to talk to you! Feel free to dm me on Instagram @mindfulmichy



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