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deep dive

1:1 Virtual Session

In this 90-minute session, you will experience a personal healing meditation, oracle reading, distant reiki energy clearing, & spiritual psychology mentoring. Michy intuitively illuminates what is needed most right now for your growth, healing, and upliftment, as well as brings in tools to assist you in moving through this and manifesting the life of your deepest desires. 

Who's This for . . .

  • You're a spiritually curious womxn seeking clarity & guidance

  • You've tried therapy but always felt something was missing 

  • You believe that there is something bigger that guides you but you feel blocked & unable to know which way to go

  • You want to be intentional about your lifestyle and held in a sacred space to manifest

  • You feel energetically heavy right now like there is a density surrounding you

  • You long for alignment but are unclear on what that even means or looks like 

  • You'd like to get to a place where you deeply trust yourself



"I don’t have the words for how much Michelle improved my life. She is a beam of light on this earth and I’ve learned so much from her. Michelle was ready to meet me where I was and gently guided me into more positive life patterns. She’s always kind and understanding- and she helps you make sense of the world around you."

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"Working with Michelle is so unbelievably grounding and transformative. I felt as though the tools I have had for years (such as meditation and inner-child healing) were finally being integrated. The biggest shift for me from working with Michelle is the forgiveness and self-compassion that I developed. Michelle taught me how to be actively gentle with myself."

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"The structure of Michelle’s coaching sessions is exactly what I have been searching for, for a long time.


The spiritual aspect is something I always felt was missing in other coaching & therapy sessions. I live in Switzerland and I would have never thought that I could build such a strong & trustful relationship over the phone with my life coach in California. I realize now that it is all about energy."

what to expect . . .

  • Experience the transformative power of Reiki energy healing

  • Transform darkness into light through a channeled guided meditation that will nourish your souls deepest needs

  • Gain clarity on next steps & directions 

  • Release energetic weight that has been holding you back 

After this call . . .

  • Michelle will email you with soulwork to integrate your learnings 

  • You'll be provided a personalized ritual to start incorporating for healing 

  • You'll begin the process of stepping further into authentic alignment

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hi i'm michelle

aka michy

​I help womxn around the world heal & step into soul-alignment. 


I studied Advanced Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. I made my way throughout India & studied Kundalini Yoga & eastern philosophy.  I became certified in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy through UPEACE Centre of Executive Education & more recently became a Reiki Practitioner.  


Today, I bring all these experiences and learnings together to hold for my clients in a way that is both grounded and mystical.

Message me on Instagram @mindfulmichy I'd love to talk to you. 



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