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Dates: Sept 20, 21 & 22
Time: 6:30 pm pst
Location: Zoom

Do you know how there are “those” women? Those women that just glow differently? Those women that walk into a room and light it up?  Those women that just know what they want without question and take action without a doubt?


Well love, let me let you in on a secret. They are really not thaaat special or thaaat different…. They are simply connected to their inner-light. You can be too! 

Let me guess.

>> Right now, there is this voice in you that is causing you to dim your light, a voice that has been with you for years, a voice you have a hard time shaking off. In fact, you question if this voice is who you are. 

>> On the other hand, you get hit with signs and deep-knowings that you are meant for something bigger. You’re not exactly sure what that thing is but it’s around.


>> You question yourself, your abilities, and your place in this world. 

>> You desire to feel enough and beam in the confidence of who you are. 


I get it… I’ve been there!

There was a time when I had really low self-worth. I thought I was the girl with the learning disability, the girl with the broken home, the odd girl that should not share her voice. 

Through aligning with my light, I was able to….

>> Leave my job in marketing and pursue my dreams of travel, spiritual healing, and being my own boss.


>> Design a life for myself that is freeing + fulfilling.


>> Open up my throat chakra, share my story and attract the dreamiest soulmate clients. 


>> Rewrite my money story, release generational trauma, and move from a lack to an abun-DANCE mentality.


>> Work remotely less than 30 hours a week, anywhere, any time.


>> Set clear boundaries and know what a hell-yes is and what is a hell-no in my heart-of-hearts.


>> ​Gain total clarity on my path and my purpose.


>> Pursue intuitive knowings without question.


>> Live into my life of S.O.U.L. 


>> Attract unconditional love and support from my soul family tribe.


>> And the best part? Gain total trust in myself, my intuition, and all my choices. 


What if I told you that your inner-light is always there waiting for you to tap into? 

In my FREE Live By Your Light Masterclass Series, I share with you my three-part method to connect with your light and embody self-worth at the S.O.U.L. level.

  • ​We do subconscious healing work to dissolve blocks that have been causing you to dim.

  • We align you with your inner-light so that you can attract soul-aligned opportunities with grace and ease.

  • We tap into your intuition to gain clarity on the next steps and direction.

Now here is the thing... I do not expect you always to be radiating in your light. We chose to reincarnate on this planet as humans. It is okay to be in our humanness!  What I do care about is your come-back rate. How quickly can you come back to your inner light? The methods I teach you in this training will help you come back time and time and time again. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 3.01.04 PM.png


"Working with Michelle has helped me become the best version of myself. Michelle's approach has helped me heal childhood traumas, break free from limiting beliefs, come to conclusions on what is true for me, and implement healthy boundaries for myself. I truly feel that my life has changed from working with Michelle and I have a whole new perspective on life. Michelle provides a safe space to heal and I am so grateful for her!"

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 6.03.22 PM.png


"I found that working with Michelle opened me up to a new set of possibilities within myself. The transformation that occurred was mental and spiritual, which helped me learn that I am able to do anything that I can dream of. I would for sure recommend Michelle to anyone looking to work on self-growth.​The at-home work was inspirational. The meditations and journal prompts were directed at the aspects of myself that I was working on, so everything was always relevant. I found these to be extremely helpful in guiding me through my process."

When you are connected to your inner-light, life gets easier.

  • You attract soul-aligned opportunities, heart expansive relationships and massive abundance.  

  • You end karmic cycles and  toxic patterns. You see past the illusions of misbeliefs and generational programming.

  • You become crystal clear on your next steps and follow through with deep trust.

  • You ease your anxiety, remember your purpose and feel true alignment.

This masterclass series includes...

Day 1: Healing Your Story of Low Self Worth

The first live training includes a process to heal your story of low self-worth, a method to rewrite this story, and a subconscious process to connect with its roots.  


We will cover the difference between healing and treating. You will receive soul work, tools + techniques to do on your own time and at the end, we will leave time for Q+A.  


Day 2: Aligning with Your Vision

On day two we will work with the Inner-Light Embodiment Method. We will talk about manifestation and how to align with our visions. 


You will receive tools and techniques for upgrading your energy. You will receive soul-work and time for Q+A.


Day 3: Connecting to our Intuition and Taking S.O.U.L aligned action

On day three we will practice connecting to our intuition. We will talk about the different ways in which our intuition speaks to us. We go through a practice to gain clarity on the next steps and direction. 


You will experience a subconscious process to connect with your future self and look at the blocks around taking soul-aligned action. At the end, there will be a Q+A. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 5.54.13 PM.png

"Working with Michelle has completely transformed my life. Through our sessions, I have healed wounds from childhood trauma, learned how to connect with my authentic self, and have obtained a new spiritual perspective on life. In addition, I have gained confidence in my abilities which have allowed me to pursue my passions freely. This has enabled me to better my inner and outer world. I would 100% recommend others to work with Michelle, she is truly a light in this world!

Samatha Whitehead

Aligning with your light gets you more of what you want.

It is simple but it is true, when we are in our worth we are clear. We know what it a hell yes and what is a hell no. We attract what we want with ease and we take soul-aligned actions without question.

In this masterclass series, I will share….

  • What our inner-light is and how we can tap into it now. 

  • The different methodologies to healing and how this is different than treating.

  • How to align with your soul-visions and attract what you’re looking for. 

  • An inner-light activation so you can align with your worth. 

  • A breakdown of the Inner-Light Embodiment Method. 

  • A process to connect with your future self and receive guidance on next steps.


About me

Breathe. Help is here. 

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Michelle Pepper. I am the youngest of three girls, and I learned to be a neutral observer at a very young age. I grew up very quickly, faced with family traumas of divorce, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, and my own personal learning disabilities. My whole life, people naturally confined in me their deepest held secrets and pain. As an empath, this felt like both a blessing & a curse. Despite the heaviness, I have always had this curiosity & optimism for life. I always had this deep inner-knowing that my path had a purpose & that I came to earth on a mission. 

It was during my early 20s that I felt light dim within. I lost confidence in myself, my purpose, the world, and those around me. I felt disconnected. This was when I began soul-searching. I read as many spiritual books as I could get my hands on, I regularly worked with a Spiritual Psychology Coach. Eventually, I deepened my education by studying Advanced Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.


Through my own deep healing, it became apparent to me, “I am free, my life is MY life, my schedule gets to be of the soul, boundless is who I am” I quit my 9-5 job in marketing went backpacking throughout Bali, New Zealand, Australia, & India,  spoke openly about my healing journey & organically, I started picking up clients.


Today, I help my clients heal old wounds, rewire limited thinking, & manifest their soul-aligned life. My purpose is to guide my clients to an empowered place where they can see their own unique gifts & trust their inner-guidance


It is no coincidence you landed on my page today, love. Whatever your reason, I am grateful you are here. It would be an honor to assist you in your spiritual growth & development. Please send me a message on Instagram to say hi or email me at 


Flooding you with light,


Frequently Asked Questions 


What is spiritual psychology?

Spiritual Psychology is an emerging therapy that combines spiritual teachings with science-based techniques such as Gestalt & NLP. This soul-centered approach includes inner-child work, reparenting techniques, shadow identification, and voice dialogue. Drs Ron & Mary Hulnick, directors at the University of Santa Monica, developed this approach while answering one vital question: “How can I live a loving, fulfilling, and productive life in this world while being true to my spiritual quest?”


Essentially, this approach brings heart & soul back into traditional talk therapy. It invites the perspective that we are spiritual beings having a human experience & that life is happening FOR us rather than us. This approach to healing is practical, actionable & compassionate. It empowers us encouraging connection with our inner counselor. It brings us back to our essential nature - love & teaches us forgiveness, gratitude.

What if I've never meditated? 

This program welcomes all levels of meditators! All that I ask is that you remain open & curious. 

If you have more questions, feel free to email me at

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